Travelling- Protecting Your Property


Whether you’re travelling for the holidays, business trips or vacations, it’s important to feel confident and at ease that your business and home are safe and secure while you are gone. Fortunately, there are a number to steps you can take to help increase the security of your property whenever you are away.

Set up the proper interior and exterior lighting.

When your business or home looks dark and unoccupied, burglars are thrilled. Do not help the bad guys with an easy crime of opportunity. Set timers on your interior lights and install motion-activated lights outside.

Double-check all doors and windows.

It may seem obvious to lock all the windows and doors on your property, but it’s better to check again and be safe than sorry.

Keep to a regular service schedule.

If you have your business or home walkways, driveways and parking lots shoveled or the lawn mowed, keep these services running as if you never left.

Stop all mail, newspaper and other delivery services.

An overflowing mailbox, delivery packages piling up and newspapers lining the driveway are visible signs that no one is at work or home. Be sure to have your mail and newspaper service held for specific days and arrange the delivery dates of packages around when you will be present.

Alert your security company.

If you plan to shut down your business while you travel, be sure to call your security services company so they can be prepared for covering your property effectively while you are gone. If you have a security alarm system in place at work or home, be sure the alarm system representative knows you’ll be away. Remote monitoring of your property via your smartphone or mobile device is another theft-prevention option.

Ask a reliable employee, family member or friend to stop by and check on the business or your home.

You may even want to ask someone to stay overnight in your home while you’re away. The possibility of an individual stopping by randomly is often enough to deter any potential robbers.

Leave a vehicle in the driveway or a few vehicles around your building.

Thieves will see the vehicles and think someone is home or at your work. You may want to ask a neighbour or nearby business to park their cars on your property while you are Travelling.

When you’re far away over the holiday season or any other time of the year, the last thing you need is to worry about the security of your business and personal property. We are here to help you set up a solid plan for keeping your home and company secure.

Learn More About TeamSignal Security and how we can help you secure your property whether you travel or stay at home.

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