How Technology Adds Extra Security Protection


A customer collapses and needs emergency medical assistance. A gun-wielding man is threatening a woman in her apartment. A shoplifter is trying to flee the store. Rioters are destroying downtown properties.

TeamSignal officers successfully intervened in all these security incidents. Fortunately, in the stress of the moment, each TeamSignal officer relied on our custom-designed technology to save lives and save resources and time. On the cutting edge of Cloud-based software, 88Edge is the core foundation of how we provide protection and peace of mind to those we serve.

Quick 24-7 Access

Our proprietary technology allows clients real-time access to activities and reports to foster transparency and accountability of the contracted services. If we promise we’ll patrol your property every hour, you can check the user-friendly 88Edge dashboard to see if we’ve fulfilled our commitment to you.

If your property or inventory needs extra surveillance or documentation during our patrols, 88Edge allows our officers to take and upload photographs and videos. Did we correctly scan access badges and approve entry and exit of all vehicles and persons? Simply log in to your individual 88Edge account to be sure.

With the 88Edge seamless online technology, there’s no longer a need for handwritten reports and bulky paperwork. Just a quick swipe of your mobile device or tap of your keyboard and you’ll gain instant access to all the details you need. 

Key Features and Benefits

Our advanced technology helps ensure that every task and preventive action is completed on time at each of our client sites. Key features and benefits of 88Edge include: 

Mobile Reporting

  • Manage your properties from anywhere
  • Receive real-time notifications via email or SMS
  • View automatic summary reports of all completed activities

Interactive Checkpoints

  • Ensure site coverage is adapted to your needs
  • Request location-specific instructions
  • Increase security team accountability

Client Portal/Reports

  • Streamline centralised security data
  • Receive instant notifications for specific or all completed reports
  • Access real-time and historical data for all activities performed
  • View on-patrol photographs and videos

Message Board

  • Take the guesswork out of your security team’s ability to handle an event
  • Benefit from officers seamlessly sharing information during and between shifts
  • Ensure your security team is prepared and informed

Emergency Contacts

  • Ensure situations are escalated properly
  • Reduce your personal call volume
  • Equip your security team to access a list of situation-specific contacts

Panic Button

  • Use push-button technology to signal distress in real-time
  • Provide officers with automated around-the-clock emergency support


  • Gain insight about the security of your property without shuffling through piles of reports or opening spreadsheets
  • Remove the barrier between you and your operational data

Whether you’re a small business or a national franchise or a quaint apartment complex or an expansive commercial property, our security software is ever ready and easy to use anytime day or night. It’s no wonder TeamSignal is an industry leader in technology that ensures efficient, effective security support no matter the scope of your business. 

Our security expertise includes the speed and convenience of mobile tracking and communications in the palm of the hand. Our 88Edge software is flexible, adaptable and available to you wherever you go.  

We’re here to help you discover how our innovative security technology can better protect your customers, employees and property 24-7. Contact us to learn more about how TeamSignal can provide customised security solutions for your company.

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