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Custom Security Services

TeamSignal Security offers an array of security solutions that help provide you with peace of mind to pursue your passions in life.

These custom solutions have been developed by our team to provide you, the client, with the best security options for the property, personnel, and other assets you wish to protect. From our flagship randomised roving vehicle patrols to security consultations and dedicated services, we are confident in saying you will be protected by the finest!

Patrol Services

Our flagship service, providing you with peace of mind in knowing it is the strongest visual deterrent available in the security industry today. When we combine the prominence of our branded patrol vehicle, which is outfitted with reflective graphics, LED lighting, and Wi-Fi communications technology with our ability to respond to situations in a timely manner, you get an optimum security solution.

This service is the most cost-effective security solution that we currently offer. GPS-tracked vehicles and time-stamped electronic reports ensure quality services with verifiable performance. We offer our clients the flexibility to customise programs to address any and all security concerns such as:

  • Maintenance: Lighting, Waste & Irrigation Assessments
  • Access Control Services
  • Facilities Checks: Offices, Pools, Fitness Facilities, Laundry Facilities and more
Dedicated Services

When you need a consistent security presence at your facility, turn to our team to create peace of mind for your employees, customers, tenants and others. We provide our clientele with highly trained, highly visible, and highly effective coverage at businesses of any size. Our Dedicated Services are designed to efficiently meet your needs with our professional security personnel.

Our security personnel selection process is first-rate, establishing higher standards in an industry that desperately needs them. Every security officer candidate undergoes an extensive interview process and background investigation, which includes a criminal history check and drug testing. Our officers are given consistent opportunities to continue their professional development with additional training coursework.

Event Services

When it comes to providing security at your special events, TeamSignal will give your patrons the peace of mind they need in order to enjoy themselves. We recognize the need for professionalism and creating a positive image through protection. With an extensive list of satisfied clients ranging from professional and college sporting venues to small, private functions, our team is prepared to protect your investments, your patrons and your reputation.

  • Sporting Events
  • Business Events and Functions
  • Birthday Parties
  • Charity Functions
  • Concerts / Festivals
  • Parades
  • Holiday Celebrations
  • Public Events
  • Trade Shows / Conferences
event services
alarm response
Alarm Response

Alarms are only as effective as the response to them. TeamSignal offers a prompt and professional response to alarm calls so that your assets stay protected after hours. No need to wait hours for a response, with TeamSignal you get a quick response so that you can make the most of your alarm system.

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Market Segments
Industries We Serve

From homeowner associations to multi-family residential communities, we offer a budget-friendly means to protecting your families, your home, and your community.


We understand that establishing peace of mind in the workplace creates higher productivity. Our goal is to ensure your employees feel safe, positive, and enjoy their day from open to close.


We provide security solutions from the moment you break ground at a new site through completion, working to minimise waste, cost, and liability.


Count on us to give your patrons peace of mind at special events through the professionalism, high visibility and positive image our officers exemplify.


We recognize the importance of keeping your customers satisfied while they are visiting your retail location. Our officers work diligently to ensure your customers feel safe & secure.

health care
Health Care

Protecting the lives of your patients and personnel are at the forefront of what we do while on site at your facility. Our highly trained staff can assist with tasks ranging from patient transportation to risk mitigation.


Our customisable security solutions are focused on both the interior and exterior of your property to ensure your guests have a safe and comfortable stay.


We provide modern, efficient, and cost-effective solutions for ensuring government personnel and assets are secured.

alarm response
Alarm Response

We recognize the importance of keeping your customers satisfied while they are visiting your retail location. Our officers work diligently to ensure your customers feel safe & secure.

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