Mobile Patrol Security

Our Innovative Mobile Patrol Model

At TeamSignal Security, mobile patrol services aren’t just a part of what we do. They’re at the heart of our world-class security solutions. Since our inception in 2003, we have been refining our systems, processes, technology, equipment, and training protocols to provide a world-leading mobile patrol service. Today, TeamSignal is a specialist mobile patrol security company with a fleet of high visibility vehicles and a team of professional, proactive, fully uniformed staff. We offer a mobile security patrol model that increases efficiency, deters criminal activity, and provides 100% peace of mind for our clients.

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Mobile Patrol Security: A Visual Presence That’s Onsite and Ready to Act

Patrol services are often nothing more than stationary security posts that are offered as an afterthought. This leads to security officers standing around idly, becoming fatigued, and getting distracted. At TeamSignal, we schedule randomised patrol tours that are designed around the opportunities and risks associated with your property. We get to know the issues you are facing, the timeframes they occur, and other relevant information about your operations, allowing us to provide more effective security services. With our mobile patrol model, you can enjoy a security presence around every part of your property. Our team of officers will always be active, alert and ready to respond to issues with urgency and speed. Our teams will monitor potential issues, complete custom tasks, and provide peace of mind for staff, visitors, customers, and residents alike. As well as deterring potential threats, our mobile patrol security team will be a positive presence in your community.


Mobile Patrol Services Backed by Advanced Technology

At TeamSignal, we believe in complete transparency and total accountability. Utilising advanced technology, our team will complete reports and document activities in real-time. They will provide information including GPS data, videos, and photos, and this is available for you to view at any time. Whether you’re an individual, a business, a community, or a service provider, you deserve to be able to pursue your daily activities freely, openly, and with complete peace of mind. At TeamSignal Security, this is exactly what our mobile patrol services deliver. To enquire about mobile patrol security across Australia, contact us today.

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