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Every single member of the TeamSignal family is dedicated to meeting your security needs. Thanks to our innovative mobile patrols, Melbourne businesses, communities, and families can enjoy the utmost peace of mind. Our security patrols provide a highly visible presence on your property that deters potential threats and stops criminal activity in its tracks. We work closely with you to understand the issues and opportunities associated with your property, as well as the timeframes when you are most vulnerable. Our team will then provide security patrol services based on this information. We carry out a range of assigned tasks, complete patrol tours, and provide a presence that helps to keep customers, residents, and employees safe. Whether it’s for hotels, hospitals, shopping centres, or local communities, our team will be present and provide 100% peace of mind for you.

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Security Patrol Services Backed by Melbourne’s Most Advanced Training and Technology

Many teams can provide you with additional security patrol services, but only TeamSignal offers specialist mobile security patrols in Melbourne. We are a dedicated mobile security patrol provider and our processes, training, and technology have all been developed with this in mind. When you choose our team, your security guards will never be left standing idle, distracted, or fatigued. Our training and patrol model ensures that our team is always active, alert, and ready to respond. We pair this our training and processes with cutting-edge technology called 88Edge. This technology provides our teams with all the resources they need to get the job done, as well as offering total transparency for you. With real-time activity monitoring and verification, you can be sure that we are always accountable and on the job!


Your Dedicated Solution for Mobile Security Patrols in Melbourne

Invest in the best mobile security patrol services in Melbourne and rest assured that someone will always be there for you. To discuss your residential, commercial, retail, and institutional requirements, contact us today.

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