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Choose TeamSignal for highly effective, modern, and cost-effective asset protection security in Melbourne. Offering a comprehensive range of security services, our team can ensure your assets are protected at all times. We partner with residential, commercial, retail, community, and institutional customers, including government clients.To learn more about asset protection security in Melbourne, please reach out to TeamSignal today for a consultation.

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Protect Your Assets with Melbourne’s World-Class Security Provider

Founded in 2003, TeamSignal has a local team in Melbourne and is backed by the world’s largest mobile patrol security company. This allows us to provide comprehensive, best-in-class security services backed by the latest technology, the best equipment, and the most thorough systems, processes, and training policies. Our team can provide around the clock protection for your most valuable assets and intellectual property. We offer an extensive range of security services, including our flagship randomised roving vehicle patrols, as well as alarm response services, security consultations, and dedicated security for all kinds of properties, facilities, and communities.


Whether you need security services for your office building, business park, industrial property, apartment complex, construction site, government building, or residential community, we have you covered. Peace of mind is at the core of what we do, which is why we offer friendly and passionate staff who are highly trained, 100% transparent, and equipped with the latest technology on the market. To discuss your asset protection security needs in Melbourne, contact TeamSignal today.

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