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Healthcare Security Services

Are you looking for comprehensive security services for hospitals and other healthcare settings? At TeamSignal , our highly professional healthcare security services are designed to protect your staff, patients, and visitors, so you can effectively provide much-needed patient care.

We work closely with you to ensure the smooth running of daily operations. Our team can help you mitigate and deal with security risks and threats of violence, as well as helping with tasks such as patient transport, facilities checks, and maintenance activities.

Offering flagship mobile patrols, dedicated onsite solutions, alarm monitoring and response, and other custom security services, our team can provide peace of mind in any healthcare environment.

To enquire about hospital and healthcare security services across Australia, contact us today.

healthcare security
healthcare security

Premium Security for Australia’s Hospitals and Healthcare Settings

At TeamSignal Security, we are passionate about serving the community and helping our healthcare heroes do what they do best.

In order to provide cutting-edge healthcare security services, we have developed the most rigorous systems, processes, technology, equipment, and training protocols of any security team around the world.

Our personnel are experts in the field who are passionate about their work. They will provide a positive, professional, and highly visible presence, and when an issue arises, they will respond to your needs fast.

All our security personnel are equipped with state-of-the-art technology that not only makes their work easier but makes it simple for you to monitor and verify their activity and reports in real-time.

We are proud to work with healthcare providers across Australia, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to discuss the healthcare security services you need.

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From homeowner associations to multi-family residential communities, we offer a budget-friendly means to protecting your families, your home, and your community.


We understand that establishing peace of mind in the workplace creates higher productivity. Our goal is to ensure your employees feel safe, positive, and enjoy their day from open to close.


We provide security solutions from the moment you break ground at a new site through completion, working to minimise waste, cost, and liability.


Count on us to give your patrons peace of mind at special events through the professionalism, high visibility and positive image our officers exemplify.


We recognize the importance of keeping your customers satisfied while they are visiting your retail location. Our officers work diligently to ensure your customers feel safe & secure.

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Health Care

Protecting the lives of your patients and personnel are at the forefront of what we do while on site at your facility. Our highly trained staff can assist with tasks ranging from patient transportation to risk mitigation.


Our customisable security solutions are focused on both the interior and exterior of your property to ensure your guests have a safe and comfortable stay.


We provide modern, efficient, and cost-effective solutions for ensuring government personnel and assets are secured.

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Alarm Response

We recognize the importance of keeping your customers satisfied while they are visiting your retail location. Our officers work diligently to ensure your customers feel safe & secure.

Service Philosophy & Process

The ultimate delivery of peace of mind guides the philosophy and security solutions process of TeamSignal. Find out what this means for you.

Pricing & Estimates

Here’s where to request your free, no-obligation TeamSignal Security estimate.

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