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Welcome to TeamSignal Security, your trusted security company in Frankston that believes safety is a basic human right. We offer an array of high-quality security services to individuals and businesses, providing them the peace of mind they need to pursue their passions in life freely and joyfully.

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Who We Are – TeamSignal Security’s Journey from 2003

Since our establishment in 2003, our vision has been to provide top-notch security services to residential, commercial, retail, and institutional customers in Frankston, VIC. It’s our job to enjoy the peace of mind that every human deserves.

With a dedicated team of mobile patrols and highly trained security guards, we utilise our expertise and the latest technologies to provide security services tailored to our client’s unique needs. We pride ourselves on ensuring our security guard hire is of the highest quality, with rigorous training and dedication.

At TeamSignal Security, our tagline “We’re Here” underlines our commitment to your safety. Our reputation is built not on what we say about ourselves, but the peace and tranquillity we bring to our clients. As your reliable security guard company, we never back down from our commitment to serving you.


Comprehensive Security Services in Frankston

Our suite of security services is designed to ensure the safety of Frankston’s residents, businesses, and visitors. These include:

  • Mobile Patrol Services: Our innovative mobile patrol model provides robust visual deterrence, preventing potential risks before they occur.
  • Security Guard Hire: We offer onsite security guards who are all extensively trained and professional, ensuring an unyielding presence at your premises.
  • Event Security: From small intimate gatherings to large public events, our security services ensure your special occasion remains safe and secure.
  • Responsive After-Hours Dispatch: Protection does not end at the close of business. Our after-hours dispatch team promptly responds to emergencies to ensure your peace of mind.

TeamSignal Security understands that each client, location, and scenario demands a unique approach in terms of security. This understanding is fundamental in how we approach the safety needs of Melbourne, Dandenong, and Seaford, and it is what distinguishes us from other security companies.

Creating Peace of Mind
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Why Choose TeamSignal Security for Security Services in Frankston?

When you choose TeamSignal Security, you’re choosing:

  • Proactive Security: Our mobile patrol model anticipates potential risks to your property, taking preventive action to ensure your premises stay safe.
  • Responsiveness: We offer reliable after-hours dispatch services, so we’re there for you even outside of business hours.
  • Trusted Professionals: We are committed to providing security services of the highest calibre, driven by a team of meticulously trained security personnel.
  • Duty to Serve: Our team is devoted to serving the community of Frankston, ensuring the safety, security, and peace of their residents and businesses.

Peace of mind in Frankston is just a phone call away. Contact our security experts at 1300 893 606 today.

TeamSignal Security: Your Local Security Company in Frankston

Being a local security company in Frankston allows us to better understand the unique security needs of our clients and properly address them with our tailored services. We cater to the security needs of various sectors in Frankston, including residential, and commercial establishments, and institutions.

We further extend our services to Seaford, Melbourne, and Dandenong; ensuring maximum security for all our clients regardless of their suburb. This is our commitment to keeping communities and businesses safe and secure.

Assuring Peace of Mind with our Security Services

At TeamSignal Security, we strive to make the process of securing your premises as straightforward and reliable as possible. We can guide you to understand more about the different security measures and what approach is best for your requirements, ensuring you are fully satisfied with our service.

With TeamSignal Security, you can experience peace, serenity, and an environment that fosters creativity, progress, and productivity. We are not just a security service provider; we are your partners in creating a safe and secure environment in Frankston.

Experience the best security services Frankston has to offer. Call us now at 1300 893 606 and let us help you secure your premises today.

Frequently Asked Questions for Security Services in Frankston

What types of security services does TeamSignal Security provide in Frankston?

TeamSignal Security offers mobile patrol services, security guard hire, event security, and responsive after-hours dispatch in Frankston.

How does TeamSignal Security ensure high-quality service provision in Frankston?

TeamSignal Security ensures high-quality service provision by utilising a dedicated team of highly trained security personnel, who employ the latest technologies tailored to the client’s unique needs.

Can TeamSignal Security handle event security in Frankston?

Yes, TeamSignal Security provides security for all types of events, from small intimate gatherings to large public events, ensuring your occasion is safe and secure.

Do you offer after-hours security services in Frankston?

Yes, TeamSignal Security offers responsive after-hours dispatch services that promptly respond to emergencies, ensuring your peace of mind even outside of business hours.

How does TeamSignal Security serve various sectors in Frankston?

As a local security company in Frankston, TeamSignal Security caters to the security needs of residential, and commercial establishments, and institutions, providing customisable security solutions to best address the unique security demands of each client.

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