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Asset Protection Security Services

Asset Protection Security Services

In the 21st century, asset protection is about more than just a physical presence at your property. It requires you to protect both the physical and the digital. As well as in-person criminal activity, you need to protect your assets from data breaches, intellectual property loss, and identity theft.

At Signal 88, our asset protection security services offer a comprehensive solution for commercial, retail, institutional, government, residential, and community clients. We offer local mobile patrol services, dedicated onsite security solutions, a custom technology suite, and the support of our Parent Company, which is the largest mobile patrol security team in the world.

For best-in-class asset protection security services that are trusted by governments, businesses, and families alike, contact Signal 88 Security today.

Security Services by Signal 88

Protect Your Assets with Australia’s Security Services Specialists

Signal 88 Security offers a range of solutions to protect your assets. Our services include:

  • Around the clock monitoring and alarm response
  • Randomised roving vehicle patrols
  • Custom security services
  • Regular security assessments and consultations

We can protect your assets no matter where they are located, including:

  • Businesses, offices and other commercial properties
  • Industrial locations and construction sites
  • Apartments, family homes, and local communities
  • Government-owned buildings

Asset protection is also about peace of mind, and that’s why our teams offer complete transparency and accountability. We utilise technology including videos, photos, and GPS data that allow you to verify reports and activities in real-time.

Serving you is what we do, who we are, and what we love. For the peace of mind that your assets are protected at all times, contact Signal 88 to discuss our asset protection security services.

Security Services by Signal 88

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