3 Security Tips for Fall Events

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Autumn is falling into motion! Are you ready?

Now that sports fans, concertgoers and other event attendees are eagerly returning to public venues, security for these fall events is as vital as ever. While stadiums, auditoriums, gymnasiums, sports fields, amphitheatres and pavilions are packing out, proper advanced planning and well-prepared event security professionals are essential to keep everyone safe and secure.

  1. Budget adequately for your security needs

Public events foster a myriad of scenarios in which people can be injured or even killed. School athletic events can trigger heated incidents among fierce rivalries. Fights, assaults, stabbings and shootings increase when tensions build throughout a highly competitive game. When the alcohol flows and fans scream along to the music, concerts get their share of rowdy fans. Even seemingly mild events such as autumn festivals, Halloween carnivals and farmer’s markets need their own set of security eyes and ears. 

In planning events, be sure the budget allows for hiring professionally trained, vigilant security officers who are prepared for a wide range of incidents including de-escalation, medical emergencies and disaster response. Placing in-house employees on event security duty leaves event attendees vulnerable. Outsourcing your event security to a private security company can significantly reduce risk and deter criminal activity.

  1. Add barriers and manage traffic flow

Some event organisers think, Oh, no security issue will happen at our event. We’re too small. These days even the small community events or private corporate parties can erupt in the unexpected. Creating a safe gathering for people and ensuring their peace of mind is possible with adequate security measures in place. Positioning concrete barriers or steel barricades outside the event space are an excellent line of defence and traffic control. Limiting the number of entrances and exits manages foot traffic and makes it easier to conduct bag checks and a visual inspection of the individuals entering your event.

  1. Remember technology is not the full surveillance solution

Security cameras, metal detectors and high-tech surveillance systems can enhance security particularly for larger-profile events. These devices alert security teams of potential problems of theft, fights or attendees entering the field of play or harassing players, coaches and other fans. The challenge of each technology is integrating the systems and gathering the data from multiple sources into real-time information that venue security officers can use in the immediate. Communicating seamlessly between devices and security operations teams is crucial and would not be successful without live, human boots on the ground. Professional security officers are much better prepared to work with integrated surveillance technology than security volunteers or event employees unfamiliar with coordinating with law enforcement and 911 call centres.

When choosing event security services, be sure you hire professionals who treat you like a valued partner and whom you can trust.  TeamSignal Security is ever-ready and reliable with our nearly 20 years of training, expertise and teamwork. Contact us to learn more about how TeamSignal can provide outstanding security services for your events this fall and beyond.

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